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This page will be updated with videos, animations, lectures, and other content throughout the duration of the project.

Code and Technical Material

I-SPOT GitHub repository
Here you can find all the published code developed in the I-SPOT project

Repository of Pyroadacoustics, a Python package to simulate sound propagation in complex traffic environments. The tool was developed during the first months of the projects and presented at the DAFx2022 conference in Vienna

Talks and Lectures

Prof. Verhelst – Circuits for Machine Learning and AI
ISSCC 2022 Conference

Prof. Verhelst
tinyML talks 2022

Prof. Verhelst – From Small to Tiny: How to Co-design ML Models, Computational Precision and Circuits in the Energy-Accuracy Trade-off Space
tinyML summit 2019

Prof. Verhelst – Pursuing tech sovereignty for the EU?
32nd Annual Conference of Academia Europaea (AE) and 10th of the Young Academy of Europe (YAE), Building Bridges 2021